Retail Apocalypse: Mass Store Closings Leave Women Floundering to Find Fashionable Clothing

Retail Apocalypse: Mass Store Closings Leave Women Floundering to Find Fashionable Clothing

If you are like most women, you choose clothing that makes you look and feel good, often going from brand name stores to little one-of-the-kind women's clothing boutiques, just to find the right outfit for that weekend at the beach, date night, or that job interview. Women spend about $75.00 a month on clothing and spend a lot of time looking for great deals on quality clothing. According to research firm OnePoll, each year women spend more than 100 hours on 30 trips to shop for clothes, 40 hours on 15 trips to shop for shoes, and good 50 hours on window shopping.

Women Love To Shop Clothes

"I Really Need New Clothes" - Me, Every Morning

But what would you do if suddenly all of the clothing stores disappeared off the face of the earth? While the disappearance of clothing stores seems a little far-fetched, it is in a fact a reality in many ways, just look at the facts.

Shock Face

Retail Stores Are Closing En Mass!

Over the last three or four years, retail stores have been closing en mass including some of the more popular clothing stores. Here is a list of some of the major clothing stores that have either closed entirely or reduced the number of locations in which they operate:

  • J.C. Penny
  • Macy's
  • The Limited
  • Victoria Secrets
  • Lord and Taylor
  • J.Crew
  • Gap
  • Ascena Retail Group that operates the brands Ann Taylor, the Loft, Dress Barn, Lane Bryant Justice and several others
  • Michael Kors
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Chico's
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Christopher & Banks
  • Henri Bendel
  • Kohl's
  • Nordstrom

Retail apocalypse

If these large name brand and chain clothing stores have not been able to keep all of their doors open, then what do you think has happened to those small "mom and pop" women's boutiques that have often been a place where the best trendy clothing can be found for a reasonable price? They too have been closing at an alarming rate.

Store Closing

Fewer Stores Equal Fewer Choices

With fewer clothing store available for women to shop in, finding quality clothes at a reasonable price becomes more and more difficult, and leaving fewer choices of suitable clothing available for you to choose from. With fewer clothing stores in certain areas, women in those areas are forced into some unpopular choices when looking for fashionable clothing:

Going with Cookie Cutter Fashion
With so many of those small boutique clothing stores closing, one choice women have when shopping for new clothes is to go with those cookie cutter outfits that you will find in stores such as Wal-Mart, forcing you to abandon some of your own style.

Buying Clothes at Wal-mart is a bad idea

Or, Traveling Greater Distances
For those women who are not willing to compromise their own sense of style, this may mean having to travel a greater distance to find a women's boutique clothing shop where they can find unique clothing that fits their style. For some women this may mean traveling for several hours just to find a brick and mortar store that is still open to meet their needs.

Travel a greater distance to find a women's boutique

There is one choice available to all women and that is finding women's boutique clothing online.

Finding women's boutique clothing online

Online Boutiques

Just because brick and mortar stores are closing at a rapid pace doesn't mean that there aren't an abundance of clothing choices still available for women. It simply means that clothes shopping has to be done in a new way by shopping in online boutiques rather than brick and mortar stores. A simple online search will reveal just how many online women's boutiques there are that any woman can shop from. The sheer number of boutiques is absolutely mind-boggling.

Search online boutiques on Google

While most online boutiques are quite small compared to those super clothing stores that have been closing, they also can provide you a more intimate shopping experience than shopping in stores with sales people constantly checking on you. In addition, shopping at online women's boutiques has several advantages that you may want to consider.

1. Wide Variety of Choices
Shopping at online boutiques actually will give you a wide variety of choices. Not only can you purchase the latest styles and trends, but you can also purchase unique clothing from other countries around the world. This will allow you to really put together your own unique style as well as finding some great patterns and prints that would never have been available in those local brick and mortar shops.

Wide Variety of Choices

2. High Quality Clothing for Every Budget
One great benefit of shopping online boutiques is that these online shops are in fierce competition for your money so it is relatively easy to find high quality clothing to fit your budget whatever that budget may be. In addition, for those looking to purchase designer clothing online shopping will allow you to explore more designers than you ordinarily wouldn't be able too.

High Quality Clothing for Every Budget

3. Comparison Shopping is Easy
Shopping online boutiques makes comparison shopping simple and easy. With a click of your mouse you can check the price of that boutique dress at several different stores before buying from the store that offers the best deal. When comparison shopping at brick and mortar stores you need to run from one store to another just to compare prices and then have to decide if the money you will save is worth the amount you spend on gas running from store to store.

How to Deal With Those Shipping Charges

Many people feel that they won't really get a deal when shopping an online boutique because of the shipping charges. However, many boutiques won't charge you a shipping charge if your order comes to a certain amount. Whether or not there are shipping charges when ordering that must-have clothing from an online boutique, you need to add that shipping charge to the cost of the item when comparison shopping, because sometimes an item from one boutique is cheaper than the same item from another boutique even with the added shipping charge. So don't be fooled that because a store offers free shipping their clothing is going to cost less than a store that does charge for shipping.

Enhancing Your Online Boutique Shopping Experience

The biggest complaint that women have about shopping clothes online is that the experience is not the same as spending a day shopping with friends. However, you can enhance that boutique shopping experience to make the experience as much fun as a day of shopping with friends, simply by planning an in home shopping day with friends.

Invite a friend or two to your home to shop online with you

Invite a friend or two to your home to shop online with you, make a fun lunch complete with that cocktail or other favorite beverage and then shop boutique dresses together online. While the experience won't be the same as traipsing from store to store together, it can be as much fun in a different way. Imagine, looking at those cute skirts, tights, leggings, shirts, dresses and shoes while chatting away, sipping lemonade or mimosas and sharing your favorite online boutiques with one another.

The simple fact is, when shopping in a brick and mortar boutique or clothing store the experience you get is the experience the store offers, while the experience you get when shopping in an online boutique is what you make of it.

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