There are many online stores that focus on feminine fashion, but none has reached the heights of MD Online Boutique (owned by Mother Daughter Outfits Inc) in terms of range of selection, shipping, return policy, collections, prices, designs, quality and customer service and so much more. Over the past few years, MD has managed to offer the boutique clothing that women love.

What follows are the 10 reasons why you should choose MD that you can trust for high quality clothing at prices that fit your budget.

1. Premiere Women's Clothing with A Wide Range of Selection

The wide range of selection has helped move MD to become the premiere clothes resource for women around the world. The approach MD has taken does not just follow trends but sets them with beautiful dresses made from high quality materials. The line of clothing for women found at MD includes, but is not limited to the following:


Tops and Tees

Jumpsuits, Rompers and Overalls


Fashion Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Coats, Jackets and Vests

A wide range of fashion that fits Curvy to Modern Mothers, MD strives to find the latest fashion trends to bolster our selection. This means that you get the best in terms of what’s new, but also in what will last thanks to the high quality materials and care used in every clothing item.

You can stay on top of the new trends by checking out the Weekly New Arrivals that MD offers to you at prices designed to fit your budget. This means that you’ll find the best in the newest summer dresses, trendiest spring tops and tees, the most desirable Christmas sweaters, and the most stylish seasonal cardigans which are well suited for most of the year.

MD is more than a regular fashion store, it is a place that you can trust to find the best in Formal Dresses, Striped Dresses, Rompers and Jumpsuits, and specialty items at the best price. Stay on top of the latest trends or find something unique to your needs, MD has the best women's boutique clothing and offers the best in selection.

2. Worldwide Free Shipping

Being a competitive online store that features formal dresses to trendy tops means offering free shipping for all orders. Whether you need a simple sweatshirt or a complete line of fashion to fill your closet, the shipping cost is on us!

Compare that to many other online stores that often have minimum $50 spend requirements for free shipping. There are no minimum spend or membership fees so you can start saving right away by taking advantage of this feature.

3. Free, Easy Returns

With all customers around the world, MD offers Buyer Protection Guarantee. With US customers, MD also offers Free, Easy Returns if the item you receive is damaged or defective. This means that if you are not satisfied with one of our items, you can return it to our store for free. Compare this to the same service that Amazon Prime provides for their $119 annual membership fee. You’ll see that we treat our customers right by allowing you to buy with confidence at MD.

4. Huge Collections

For an startup ecommerce that emphasizes clothing, the sheer number of items in each collection is quite impressive. You’ll find substantial collections of dresses that range from Plus Size Dresses, Crop Tops, Cocktail Dresses to Sweater Dresses, Sequin Dresses, Bodycon Dresses and so much more. The sheer amount in each collection assures that you have the widest possible selection for your needs.

For high quality clothes at low, affordable prices, you cannot beat the Massive Collections found at MD. This includes sizes as well as designs ranging from Wrap Dresses to Cardigan Sweaters and so much more.

5. Comparable to Your Favorite Name Brands

At MD, we obtain our clothing from the best sources. This means that we compete directly with your favorite name brands in terms of overall quality, style, and design while beating them with our lower prices. In fact, we want you to shop around and see if anyone else can match our prices while still maintaining the excellent quality of our line.

Our competition includes, but is not limited to some of the most respected brands today:

Club Monaco, Calvin Klein, and Eddie Bauer

J. Crew, Guess, and Liz Claiborne

Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Nicole Miller

Tommy Hilfiger, Nordstrom, and Nautica

Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade, and Abercrombie & Fitch

New York & Company, Tommy Bahama, and Ralph Lauren

Van Heusen, Lane Bryant, and so many more

For example, the casual clothing from Ralph Lauren excels at providing solid quality materials. At MD we match Ralph Lauren’s quality while offering our line at far lower prices. Our reputation has been built over the years in finding what our competition offers and emphasizing competing lines that raise the standards of quality while keeping the prices low and affordable.

6. Generous Sales

In addition to our everyday low prices, we also offer our 15% Off First Order discount, designed to get you to try our clothing line while saving even more money. It’s our way of welcoming you to MD and letting you keep more money in your pocketbook.

In addition, we offer our Daily Flash Sale of specific items up to 60% off. This means that you can check our site every day to find great new deals at prices just a fraction of what we normally charge. Our daily sales are perfect when you need a gift or want something special for yourself.

7. Ordering Direct Unlike Any Other Online Boutiques

Why order direct from our partner manufacturers? Because it fits you better and saves you more money. Unlike most other women's clothing stores where they purchase from wholesalers and resell without any connection to the manufacturers, we place your order directly with our partner manufacturers. This means that at MD, we directly control each step in the production process to ensure the highest quality.

To better fit your body, MD puts your body measurements through a step-by-step process to our clothing line production. This ensures that your exact body measurements are reflected in the clothing you have ordered. We take the time to make sure that everything is correct.

It is true that most online stores only offer cheaply made clothing just to make a profit, not mention you can find the same products on Amazon for half of the prices. You’ll see why our clothing line offers a far superior choice. Instead of poor materials placed on shiny models to make them look good, we are here to make you look good by using the best materials at low, competitive prices.

We hire the top fashion designers who also design for the big-name companies. That means you get what they have to offer which isn’t seen at other places. This means you get the latest fashions that stay ahead of the trends all when you shop with us. Our focus is on providing you with the best selection while not have to pay for top prices. You’ll find fashions that are freshly designed to shine and elaborately made to fit. Whether you are searching for Casual Dresses, Floral Dresses, Evening Dresses and more, we are your resource to find the latest and best in fashion trends. Let us be your fashion stylist.

MD vs Amazon
MD vs Amazon

9. Generic Name, Top Quality Fashion

This means that when you shop generic fashions at MD, you can trust in our quality. We use the same manufacturers as the big-name brands, but we don’t have the big-name prices. Why pay double or more for the tag when you can get the best in fashion at lower prices?

At MD, we cut out the middleman. This is why you pay less for stunning styles that meet your needs while fitting your pocketbook. We offer high-street fashion at low affordable prices. We can do this thanks to our low overhead and working directly with the manufacturers. Which is why we can take away the price and add the quality to the wardrobe.

We make every dress special, stitch by stitch. We understand that high quality fashions do not mean high price tags. Instead, we focus on bringing you the best.

10. Award Winning Customer Support

Last, but not least, at MD we understand the importance of how we treat you, our customers. From the moment you arrive on our website to long after you make a purchase and it is delivered to your door, we are here for you.

If you have a question, want to return an item, or have any other issue we can be contacted quickly so you can get answers. Customer support is not just about how we answer your questions, but how we treat you at all times. This means creating an ecommerce site that is easy to navigate, provides you with complete information, and protects your privacy when making a purchase.

It also means being available when you need us for any question or issue that might arise. We stay ahead of our competition not just by being the best, but by presenting our best to you.

Our Commitment to You

Whether you are looking for the newest summer dresses, trendiest spring tops and tees, the most stylish seasonal cardigans, or the most desirable Christmas sweaters for that special event, MD is here for you. Let us be your favorite boutique for dresses and many other fashion choices that you can rely on daily. At MD, we strive every day to bring you the best in fashion at low, affordable prices to fit your budget. That’s why our boutique clothes are becoming more popular as more people find out about our selection, quality, style, customer service, and low prices.